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Note to MTV: You Suck

April 14, 2008

Okay, it’s 11:40 p.m. and I have no idea what happened on The Hills tonight (I also have no idea where my children are, but that’s a different story). is experiencing some kind of meltdown. (Yea, I watch the The Hills online.) Never had a major problem before but tonight’s episode refuses to play. And people are freaking out! There’s more than 100 comments ranging from “wtf?” to “this sucks ass” to “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.” My thoughts exactly.

One clever commentor seemed to have found the cure. She advised people to head to the MTV homepage and click on the Nelly video. And it worked! Nelly somehow magically led to The Hills! I got through the opening scene with Heidi and Audrina, then the theme song, then … darkness descended once again. MTV, you are cruel.

Update 12:20 a.m.: Success! Man, that was brutal. Anyway, recap to follow…