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The Bachelor: There Will Be A Proposal!

April 22, 2008

The Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: Not unexpected, right? I felt either Noelle or Amanda would be leaving us last night because Amanda faded into the background after winning the First Impression rose and Noelle just started getting to know Matt last week. Amanda likely saved herself with the most dragged-out cringe-worthy prank in Bachelor history! But before we get to that, I give you … Lorenzo Lamas!

I thought Daddy Lamas had sunk Shayne when he announced (over a cheese platter, no less!): “I think it was the idea of being on television that was really enticing to her.” Um, thanks, Dad! But on the upside, at least he didn’t bring out the laser pointer (“flaw finder”) he used as a judge on that reality show “Are You Hot?” Because I think that would have really freaked Matt out. Anyway! Shayne’s mom was delightfully kooky and her younger sister is also gorgeous. Shayne herself looked particularly fetching. (I wonder what shade of blush she uses? Want it.)

Chelsea also looked stunning on her family visit. There’s always at least one lass on The Bachelor who has a Hard Time Opening Up (these types usually crack and start using the “L-word” with abandon on the fantasy date). So maybe Chelsea will start spilling her feelings next week.

Amanda really pulled out all the stops, hiring actors to play her parents. (Something tells me this was ABC’s idea?) Matt handled it all extremely gracefully, even when Fake Mom caressed him and shoved her ample bosom in his face. But the prank just went on way too long, I thought. My question: How in the hell did Amanda get through all that without hiccuping once?

And Noelle, sweet Noelle. Her family got so excited that Matt was “taller than grandpa!” But it was easy to see that he’d already formed stronger connections to the other ladies. So, it’ll be three fantasy dates in Barbados next week. If I had to guess (and I do, clearly) I’d say Amanda is next to go, unless she hires some fake hotel staff members to take her and Matt to a fake fantasy suite that’s really just a dingy room with mice running around and no electricity and a dirty mattress on the floor. God, that would be so funny. Except not.

Oh and another thing: I guess the big (and oft-repeated) news last night was that Matt does indeed propose. He’s a stand-up guy, our Brit.