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The Hills: The She-Pratt Makes Her Move

September 23, 2008

Last night brought–finally!–the much anticipated, much foreshadowed She-Pratt betrayal: Stephanie and Doug went on a date. They were totally secretive (except that Stephanie had already told Spencer and Audrina, who told Lo and Heidi, and there were, um, cameras there) but then Brody’s nosy mother ruined everything!   (more…)


The Hills: The Brodster Takes No Prisoners

September 7, 2008

Does Brody Jenner have an evil twin? Tonight on The Hills, we were introduced to an alterna-Brody. This Brody has stubble and wears sunglasses indoors and seems angry all the time and spends the night in jail and—most interestingly—is some sort of truth-telling machine. I kinda like this guy! (more…)

Deconstructing The Hills: Passive-Aggressive Behavior, Mixed Messages, and Hidden Yearnings

April 1, 2008


Those Hills kids, when they’re not busy feeling the rain on their skin, etc., have a whole bag of issues. There was some serious psychological warfare going on amidst the flocked wallpaper and flattering amber lighting of Les Deux last night. First off, isn’t it maddening how Brody pretends he has no idea why Lauren is so angry? Gee, what could he have done? Could it maybe be the fact that he took up with someone else two days after Lauren left for Paris? And then proudly introduced that person to Lauren’s best friend as his girlfriend? Did he think maybe that might make Lauren a little less than happy? But of course Brody knows why Lauren is upset! His only defense is to feign ignorance (in the process, turning himself into the wronged party—clever!). Why do men do this? “What did I do?” they ask, palms up, after, say, forgetting your birthday or writing an unflattering essay about you in a national magazine. “What did I do?”

But Lauren is no better. She pouts on the couch like a two-year-old, making a big, stupid show of refusing to hug Brody, rather than simply addressing the issue. (I myself always find that misunderstandings with the opposite sex can be resolved quickly and maturely using clear communication. And pepper spray. Heh.)

Also—what is up with Heidi painting her “fresh start” apartment the same exact color her walls were when she lived with Lauren? With all the colors Home Depot offers these days (I know, I’ve tried most of them) why did Heidi return to that same, somber grey-green (which is yuuuuck, in my opinion)? Does this reflect a secret longing for simpler and happier domestic times with Lauren?

Yet, when discussing the repetition of the paint color, Heidi refers to Lauren simply as “Her.” That’s cold. Spencer, on the other hand, calls Lauren by her affectionate nickname “LC.” Isn’t that an awfully friendly way to refer to your loathed enemy?

And, most importantly: Is it possible that I am over-thinking all this?