The Hills: The Brodster Takes No Prisoners

Does Brody Jenner have an evil twin? Tonight on The Hills, we were introduced to an alterna-Brody. This Brody has stubble and wears sunglasses indoors and seems angry all the time and spends the night in jail and—most interestingly—is some sort of truth-telling machine. I kinda like this guy!

The trouble began as the gang jetted to Vegas to celebrate Frankie birthday. After last week’s yawner of a break-up, everything remained cordial between LC and Doug (or “baby” and “Dougie” as they referred to each other). An aside: From what I’m seeing, it doesn’t seem like LC has any real reason to be mad when the She-Pratt has her much-hyped date with Doug later in the season. Lauren just seems so ovah him. But I digress.

Things were not so cordial between the new, improved Brody and Stephanie (who is so clearly being moved into the friend position formerly occupied by Audrina–she might as well take over the guest house, too!) First, Brody made a passive aggressive toast to Stephanie on the jet. Then, when she attempted to call him out over dinner, he called her a “complete psycho.” Even when tears sprang to the She-Pratt’s eyes, The Brodster continued to verbally kick her ass until she fled to the bathroom. (Oh and earlier, Brody was seriously hating on Audrina, telling Lauren to just kick her out of the house already! Perhaps the new Brody emerged because the old one is sick of hearing LC whine about her same problems all the time?)

Even Lauren seemed taken aback by the changed Brody. She stayed quiet and only comforted the weeping She-Pratt when they were safely ensconced in their room alone. Her advice: “Don’t ever cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.” That’s one for the ages. A true Lauren-ism. She should really compile her words of wisdom into a day calendar or something. Sigh.

Back in Speidi-land, Heidi’s sister, Holly, moved in, as we knew she would. On her very first night in town, Speidi ditched their new (and probably hungry!) roomie and went out to dinner. As Heidi called out, “Bye! Call me if you need anything! Love you!” it was serious deja vu—that’s the same thing she used to say when she left Lauren at home and ran off to Spencer. (Additional deja vu: Spencer calling Heidi at work and ordering her out to his car for a talk.) Anyway, the typical roomie hijinks ensued (Holly wears PJs and it makes Spencer uncomfortable! Holly erases Spencer’s TV shows on Tivo!) and I’m sure there’s much more of that to come. 

Things have gone from bad to worse between LC and Audrina. (Why would Audrina and Justin Bobby even go to Vegas with them? Makes no sense.) The showdown is coming next episode. Personally, instead of crying their eyeliner off, I think the girls should just call in The Brodster to handle all this. He’d set everyone straight.

Oh and another thing:
How come the ever-present MTV cameras didn’t capture the alleged incident of “disrespect” at Goa between LC and Audrina? Seriously, what are they paying these guys for?


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