The Hills: Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply (To Be Friends With Lo)

My favorite scene from last night’s Hills premiere was when the pink mohawked gentleman above was getting thrown into the pool during Audrina’s birthday party as Lo watched from the kitchen with a disgusted look on her face, as though he was going to dirty up the water.

So! Promising, right? I like where we’re headed with the whole Lo-Audrina war. But I’m not sold on Doug, Lauren’s new/old love interest. I don’t really see the appeal. He’s like a blotchier, much less-cute Ryan Reynolds. The date seemed awkward (as first dates often are) and it was odd when he said he wanted to go out again after about two seconds. LC was really reaching when she tried to read into his drink order. “I think your drink says a lot about you,” she said,  determining that Doug was a “guy’s guy” because he ordered a Stella Artois beer. Really? Stella says you’re a “guy’s guy”? I think Guinness says you’re a guy’s guy. Maybe even Bud Lite. But not Stella.

On to Audrina’s birthday party, full of tattooed, leather-wearing in the summertime folks. They looked like fun! But Lo wasn’t having it, sulking in the house. (She seems to get really threatened when she can’t control a situation.)  Later, when Lo and Audrina had their showdown, did you notice how Lo kept saying, “We feel” and “We’ve tried” (as in her and Lauren) rather than just speaking for herself? Audrina seemed more honest and blunt when she said: “I just don’t feel like I click with you.”

Onward to Speidi. Spencer, despite having gotten what he supposedly wanted by moving back in with Heidi, was a complete dick to Heidi’s visiting sister, Holly. (Spencer is also still rocking last season’s depression beard.) Heidi pouted (as much as her new face would allow) and Holly got extensions, thus beginning what is sure to be a scary Hollywood makeover that will render her totally unrecognizable by season’s end.

What do you think? Did last night’s Hills premiere live up to the hype?


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2 Responses to “The Hills: Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply (To Be Friends With Lo)”

  1. Midwest Molly Says:

    Now that’s a headline…the Tesla version, right?!

  2. theultimatecheese Says:

    Um, OF COURSE the Tesla version 🙂

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