More Monkey Business with Matt and Shayne

So, about that ring. The $65,000 2.85-carat Tacori platinum-and-diamond eternity ring that Matt “If I’m being honest” Grant presented Shayne “Monkey” Lamas on The Bachelor finale (When was that? Feels like it happened in 2002, but I think it was like…May.) Anyway, Shayne totally told that she was keeping the ring. And not just keeping it—–preserving it like an artifact, a la Miss Havisham. (There really should be a Bachelor-couplings-gone-wrong exhibit at the Smithsonian. It could also include: Jenn Schefft’s Better Single Than Sorry book, Bob Guiney’s “promise ring,” Mary Delgado’s mug shot, and a whole bunch of Us Weekly “SPLIT!” covers.)

What Shayne actually said was that the ring  was “safe and clean and in a glass box — like a glass slipper.” (Good to know it’s clean.) She said Matt was fine with her decision—-in fact, she said he couldn’t wait to come over and visit the ring display!

Except! Matt says that convo never happened. “We never discussed this,” he told “I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, she just made it up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and I’ll go along with it.” Eeesh.

He admits that the show’s sponsors paid for the ring, so it’s not as though the “global financier” is out any of his own money (and those commercials were so annoying, the sponsors totally deserve it). But Matt proposes (hee hee) that the ring be auctioned off for charity. I agree. And hey, for just $100, they can adopt this adorable little endangered Douc monkey via the World Wildlife Federation. Maybe that would bring them some closure?

Oh and another thing: Shayne will have you know that she sooo didn’t cheat on Matt with that Vegas dude. See, they were already broken up at the time, so she was free to hook up with whomever she pleased!


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