Better Late Than Never: The Bachelorette

As you know, I haven’t been blogging The Bachelorette (just watching those two hour episodes take a lot of out me!). But I will be blogging about Monday’s big finale. It’s been a very exciting season. Even last week’s The Men Tell All (usually a throwaway in the build-up to the last episode) made for gripping television. I was proud of DeAnna for not taking any crap, though she came off as kind of shrill. She’s shown the same no-nonsense attitude throughout the season, and previously, when she had to confront Brad Womack on After The Final Rose. As Brad squirmed through her relentless questions about his motives, I wrote in my notes: It might not work out with Brad, but this girl has a future as an investigative reporter!

There’s an interview with Jeremy “Perfect” Anderson over at and his take on DeAnna’s attitude was less charitable: “She’s normally really, really sweet to everybody and some of the comments she was making on The Men Tell All were very off for her,” he said. “Maybe she was just in a different mood or she’s ready to be over with everything.  I don’t know.  But she definitely was not her normal overly-nice self.”

I say: It’s got to be tough to be confronted by a room full of guys with bruised egos (especially guys now banding together like some sort of Fraternity for the Broken-Hearted. It definitely felt like they were ganging up on her.) DeAnna came out swingin.’ Atta girl.

What do you think? Was Deanna too harsh on The Men Tell All? 


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