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A Very Corey Sunday, Part One: In Which We Debate Whether a Corey Comeback is Possible

June 30, 2008

Finding myself again in front of my parents’ TV on Sunday (I know, I should get out more), I was pleased to come upon a one-hour A&E bio of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, clearly meant as a primer for the two riveting new episodes of The Two Coreys airing later in the evening. I took in this informative biography with my mom and my younger sister, who was slightly cranky, as I was holding the remote. (more…)


Watching TV With My Mom: The Two Coreys

June 23, 2008

Finding myself unexpectedly sprawled on my parents’ couch in New Jersey last night (I know, how does that happen?) and having been bombarded all day by relentless promos for the Season Two premiere of the A&E “reality” drama The Two Coreys, I decided to indulge. Oh and I made my mom watch with me. (Sorry, mom!) (more…)

The Hills: Summer Fun Edition!

June 18, 2008

Why, hello there! So The Hills is on hiatus, but the drama is not. Here’s a quick round-up of the latest news:

  • The New York Observer has a fantastic profile of awesome-yet-fearsome “power bitch” Kelly Cutrone, Whitney’s boss at People’s Revolution. Says Kelly of her initial meeting with a teary Lauren in Season 1: “She was slow.” [Note to Kelly: Love that couch!]
  • Speaking of Whitney, she will reportedly star in a new Hills spin-off. (Sorry, Speidi!) The show will depict Ms. Port’s new bi-coastal lifestyle and have her palling around with various NYC wanna-be “socialites.” Poor Whitney.
  • Brody is getting his own show, too. (Sorry, Speidi!) The unfortunately-named Bromance will follow Brody as he seeks a new bestie to take Spencer’s place, and will feature hot tub elimination ceremonies. Ryan Seacrest is producing. “I can speak from experience — girls can come and go, but a ‘bromance’ can last forever,” Seacrest told Variety. Good god.
  • Have Lauren and Audrina mended their fences? Possibly.
  • Best for last: David Letterman totally eviscerated Spencer on his show last week. When Spencer says he doesn’t go to a club for less than $100,000, Dave cracks up and offers his best guess of Spencer’s actual fee: two beers. Ha! Meanwhile, creepy Fembot Heidi tries ineffectively to register sincerity on her frozen face and insists Spencer actually “lowballed” their fee. Right. Video here.