The Bachelor: Chelsea Didn’t See This Coming

Chelsea has spoken! And she’s doing just fine, folks, so don’t worry! She revealed all to (Who needs After the Final Rose? Not us!) Here’s some highlights from Chelsea’s interview:

On her attitude going into the final rose ceremony: “I definitely thought I was about to get proposed to. There was almost no doubt in my mind that I was going to end up with him. I was completely confident.”

On dissing Shayne:Shayne and I are very different — very, very different. It was hard for me to see how he could love two women who are so different. … I don’t regret [making those comments] at all. (laughing) I’m very forward and honest. The way I felt that moment is what I said.”

On her current feelings about Matt and Shayne: “I have no bitter, hard feelings at all. I could easily be friends with the two of them and I really hope that they do make each other happy. I really hope that they make this last.”

On whether she will be the next Bachelorette: “Hey, you know what? Anything is worth considering. (laughing) I don’t know. I’d have to see where I’m at in my life at that point.”

Not surprisingly, Chelsea had nothing to say about Shayne’s Girls Gone Wild debut. Though she hasn’t spoken to Matt or Shayne since the show ended, Chelsea does chat with the other cast-offs. In fact, her and Amanda “Meeps” have become besties. “I talked to her for hours recently,” says Chelsea. Hmmm … wonder what they talked about?


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