The Bachelor: Matt Gets His Monkey

It’s Shayne! Last night on The Bachelor, Matt Grant popped the question to his “monkey,” 22-year-old actress Shayne Lamas. (Pet names are cute and all, but I dunno whether I want anyone calling me “monkey” during a marriage proposal.) Shayne, in a canary yellow dress, happily accepted the whomping huge diamond Matt presented her. But before that, Matt had to ditch Chelsea, a moment made more unpleasant when Chelsea lost her cool and trashed Shayne. “To me, she was the falsest person here,” Chelsea declared. (Bitter much?) Chelsea, who looked ready for the altar (or the prom) in a white gown and severe updo, later summed up her feelings about Matt’s decision in this way: “He’s a fool. He is a fool.” But when it comes to love—and reality television—-aren’t we all?

Oh and another thing: No “After the Final Rose,” I guess? There was no mention of it. Hm.

Tell me: Do you think Matt made the right choice? Were you surprised?


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6 Responses to “The Bachelor: Matt Gets His Monkey”

  1. Midwest Molly Says:

    Sweet, sweet ending. When Matt went down on one knee, Shayne’s knees buckled as she gasped with surprise. And that was before he flashed the diamond Tacori.

    I’m with you on the monkey bit. Cute but not in the proposal. “Monkey, will you marry me?”
    Really? But who cares, she doesn’t. I guess it’s part of that whole fun and laughter thing Matt’s always raving about with Shayne. I do think he made the right choice. He knew where she stood from the beginning (or around their trip to Vegas) and as he said during the proposal she would always be there for him.

    I was surprised…a bit. When Matt is going over the two girls with his folks and brother, he says he feels more comfortable with Shayne but sees a future more with Chelsea. Plus, there were no awkward moments between Matt and Chelsea this time around. But then again, I don’t think Monkey and Matt ever had any awkward moments…just lots of cuddling. And we know where Chelsea stands on that issue.

    After her rejection, Chelsea was playing it cool until she was seconds away from the limo — and decided to turn on the falseness that is Shayne. Matt wasn’t buying…I don’t think any of us were. But it’s hard to be cool when you know the man you love (heck, even like or have a crush on) is into someone else, and you know that someone else. Sure, she called him a fool in the limo but past Bachelors have been called much worse in the final episodes. Er, wait, Matt was called a “d-bag” last week by Amanda. So I’d say he made out ok.

    All in all, great Bachelor season. Thanks for all the updates & photos throughout!!

    Let’s start a petition for an “After the Final Rose.” We can start sending ABC black roses until they bring us Monkey and Matt together on a leather couch catching us up on life after Barbados.

  2. Amanda Says:

    He’s a fool, Shayne is lovely but she’s a ditsy 22 year old blonde who I really do not believe is ready for a decision that involves spending the rest of her life with someone. Chelsea was more guarded but she was nervous of opening up to later have her heart broken, and she did overcome that. Had she been the final choice all of those nerves would have disappeared.

    She was far more sincere, (sorry but I don’t think that comment was out of bitterness, Shayne is a little plastic) Chelsea had much better potential of being a long term partner and I am gutted for her. Chelsea you are gorgeous and he is a fool.

    The only consolation is that we don’t have to listen to Shayne’s dreadful voice for another series where she is the bachelorette!

    Matt “big mistake” HUGE! You backed the wrong pony!

  3. Jennifer Jones Says:

    well i thinkthat it was a set up on our part shayne shouldn’t have been on the show in may personal opinon if anyone remeber where matt went on the skating date with noelle when he walked in he went over and kiss shayne then he didn’t do that to anyone else and i made up my mine then that shayne was his pick. shyane told it that it was her when she had a blck dress and wrap around and told him send these girls home i’m tried and i’m letting you date these so don’t get to close that what she said so this wasn’t no different from the others he hurt the best one and sent her home i do beliieve chelsea would worked better for shayne soing nothing but acting and you could tell at the of the show and matt will get hurt so now shayne’s got matt what when will she move to england? she and matt are a joke why in the hell did she have to go on the bachelor show and take the away from real girl why i think this way very very wrong and i hope matt don’t get hurt by ms lamas but i know her dad is mike fliess friend so it had to end like this , that not right but oh well we live and we learn something everyday take care chelsea wanstrath oh chelsea why don’t you be the next bachelorette after deanna and show dumb butts. jennifer from TX

  4. theultimatecheese Says:

    No Shayne fans, huh? I hear you about her age and maturity level. Do I see them moving to England and starting a family soon? No. And I don’t think Matt does either. That’s the thing about The Bachelor. At the start of the show, dude ALWAYS says he just wants to get married and settle down ASAP, but then he makes choices that call his seriousness into question. I think they’ll have fun for a while, which is what usually happens. Ah, monkey love!

  5. Lin Says:

    Matt has said a few times that he wants to move to the States.

  6. Jennifer Jones Says:

    well i think that matt is a fool for not picking chelesa i dont think shayne is the one but chelesa you didn’t have a chance with matt his parents and brother they didn’t care for her as much as they did for shayne so you was on your way out sweety i understand you very much shayne father is actor and he new the producer of the show and shayne need a job so this her job acting and that wasn’t right. Matt didn’t give chelsea a equal chance in my book. he told shayne on one the 2 epoisde i think don’t worry monkey you got this and then on noelle date he came in the house shayne lying on the couch and matt walks over to her and kiss her and all the other ladies are just straing at him. that was a dead give away I figuring matt said he hadn’t made up his mind i think he’s telling a fab. The reason he didn’t pick chelesa is beacuse she don’t like hand holding and his girlfrind before had that problem and he stated that he wouldn’t go thou that again. Matt you did good a bleache blonde who will buy you and not have children no time soon so i bet anymoney there won’t a wedding anytime soon either if so it going to be all about shyane lamas the actress so they will make deal just becuse she lorenzo lamas duaghter well i just wish matt would have picked chelsea shayne hair could have looked better and she could look much pretty like chelesa that chelesa i don’t care what anyone say chelesa wanstrath was very beautiful at the end shayne look some one pick her off the street and said lets go to a party. jennifer

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