The Bachelor: Decision ’08

Tonight’s the night! Finally, we’ll find out who will be our Mrs. Grant-in-waiting and whose dreams of marrying an English gentleman will end tonight. I actually like both Shayne and Chelsea so I guess I won’t be horribly disappointed UNLESS Matt pulls the old “I choose me” which has become a sad possibility ever since Jen Schefft and Brad Womack ruined everything for everyone. But I don’t think Matt would do that to us. He’s British. He has manners.

It’s no secret that my heart belongs to Shayne. Oh sure, she’s too young and ditzy and high-maintenance, and the Matt-Shayne union would probably be destined for the typical Bachelor split in about six months, but I can’t help it: I like the girl (plus, I don’t have to marry her). Chelsea is lovely and (somewhat) more mature than Shayne. She’s certainly a better arm-wrestler and probably a better life partner for Matt but she lost me somewhere between her hand-holding phobia and her “night dress.”

Meet you back here tomorrow to discuss it all! Happy viewing!


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