The Hills: Three Is The Magic Number of Doom

photo courtesy MTV

There’s something about a group of three. Especially when it comes to girlfriends. And especially when it comes to old friends v. new friends. Someone is bound to be left out. Lately on The Hills, that unfortunate someone is Audrina. I’ve always liked Lo (from the way back in Laguna Beach) but lately she seems mean and shrill and cranky. She’s so territorial, she might as well pee all over Lauren and their new house. And what was up with her incessant texting last night?—so rude! Audrina looks honestly pained when spending time with Lo and Lauren, and Lauren clearly acts differently when she’s around Lo; she’s a little more snide and distant. It’s sad to see how awkward the LC-Audrina relationship has become—-no wonder Audrina is turning to Heidi!

Speaking of Heidi: Seriously, how many ways can this girl clear her head? (Her head, let’s face it, never seemed all that full to begin with.) First she leaves LA for Colorado because she “needs space.” Then she comes back and decides to embark on the ill-advised “relationship vacation.” But even that isn’t enough, as she now desperately needs to travel for work to —wait for it—“clear her head.” Gah. An aside: Nice touch how the scene of Heidi emoting was followed by a shot of a sign for a wax museum. I was watching with my mom who observed of Heidi, “She looks made of wax!” Mom on Spencer: “He’s an ass!”

Next week is the finale of this “bonus season” and I don’t think I’ll be terribly sorry to see it go. When Justin Bobby appears thoughtful and decent and when even a cute new puppy (aww!) can’t help bring about peace, it’s time to pack it in. Besides, I really need space to clear my head and stuff.

Oh and another thing: Where’s Whitney? I miss her.


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2 Responses to “The Hills: Three Is The Magic Number of Doom”

  1. Jane Says:

    seriously, i’m kind of over the hills. i actually had to force myself to watch it this week…it’s just SO boring. plus Lo is is being kind of a bitch. did you read her comment earlier this week where she said that she and audrina aren’t really friends? man, sometimes maybe it’s better not to tell it like it is…. i’m sure once the 4th season starts in August I’ll be ready again, though.

  2. theultimatecheese Says:

    I agree 100%. Even the big finale next week looks like a total yawn. Maybe it’s time to start watching Gossip Girl? sigh.

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