Meet The Bachelor?

Entertainment Weekly blogger Mandi Bierly theorizes that Amanda (or ABC) hired “fake parents” because Amanda’s real parents were “too shy to be filmed for that long.” Makes sense because even after the prank was revealed, we barely saw the real parents. Made me think of past family visit drama (Remember when Officer-Gentleman Lt. Andy Baldwin had to meet Amber’s aunt instead of her AWOL parents? She got the boot that week.) It really is a lot to ask of your parents, to meet your BF (awkward under the best of circumstances) in front of the world—-or whoever still watches The Bachelor. I’d have to hire some fake parents myself because the real ones would not be game. No way. My dad is a cop, which could provide some fun polygraph action, but my parents would be all, “Good luck with that. Don’t bring those cameras around here, ‘kay? Thanks.” Tell me, if you ever found yourself in the Final Four, do you think your parents would be up for meeting The Bachelor?  


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2 Responses to “Meet The Bachelor?”

  1. jessiqa Says:

    If it was Andy Baldwin I definitely would introduce him to my parents!!!

  2. theultimatecheese Says:

    Agreed—Lt. Baldwin is a definite crowd-pleaser. 🙂

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