Bon Soir Yourself, Pinchy Face Robin!

The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap: Thank goodness! Last night we saw the last of Pinchy Face Robin (that is, until she rises a la Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction for “The Ladies Tell All” special in a few weeks). Anyway! In this week’s episode, Matt made some hard calls to get to his Final Four—and I actually like all of the remaining ladies! First, Matt took Chelsea on a sleigh ride, where she confessed that she hates PDAs and won’t hold hands because of a “phobia.” (I have the same problem with being touched on the neck. Never!) Later, responding to Matt’s worries that they’ll end up simply “best mates,” Chelsea said, “If put in a romantic situation, I’ll embrace it.” Um. Sleigh ride. Candlelit dinner. Cute British guy saying he digs you. What more do you need, Chelsea? But in an inspired move, she jumped ahead a few dates and wrote her own “fantasy suite” invite. Smart girl.

During a group date on the ski slopes, Matt and Shayne continued to connect. Sure, right before he went to kiss her, Shayne whipped out some pink lip gloss, but, hey—sometimes a gal needs to reapply! The thing I like about Shayne is that she’s refreshingly blunt about all her high maintenace ways. She almost lost me a few episodes ago when she threw a tantrum in Vegas, but she seems pretty together now. Just look at the way she moved in to break up the most shocking confrontation in Bachelor history! (Was the yelling match between Chelsea and Marshana really that shocking? It seemed fairly tame, though I loved Marshana screaming, “I will not have it! Walk off!” with true Brooklyn attitude.)

At the rose ceremony, I felt like Robin’s evil eyes were boring a hole through me, seriously! (If I were Matt, I’d sleep with one eye open from now on.) I hope she watches herself on TV and realizes that she should smile once in a while. Relax the pinch. (And why did she say “Bon Soir”? That was lame.) As for Marshana, I don’t think she’s too disappointed to be leaving the rugby fields and ski slopes behind and heading home. (I would’ve loved to see Matt in Brooklyn, though.)

There was definitely a more intense vibe this week as we head into the hometown dates. Matt told Chelsea that his parents would love her. Amanda commented that Matt would make a great dad and Matt said Noelle was the kind of girl he could spend the rest of his life with (I agree! She strikes me as very sane and very mature.)

I’m so excited for Matt to meet Shayne’s dad, Lorenzo Lamas. Who do you think will be done-in by the always unpredictable hometown dates?


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2 Responses to “Bon Soir Yourself, Pinchy Face Robin!”

  1. Midwest Molly Says:

    Hate to see Marshana gone. Chris Harrison if you’re reading this: She’s perfect as the next Bachelorette…. “Whose dream of marrying a Brooklyn designer looking for a man to sew her love will be crushed forever?” Say it aloud. It’s perfect, I tell ya.

    Post-mortem on Robin — Ms. Cheese you nailed it. I too was thinking Glenn Close especially on the slopes when she saw Matt and Shayne kissing (or was Shayne putting on her blush?!) She could’ve melted the whole state of Idaho between her pinchy face and piercing glare. We have definitely not seen the last of Robin….look for her to host some sort of show on TLC or Oxygen.

    But back to our Bachelor and the remaining ladies in LA. Look for Noelle to rack up some serious points next week during the hometown dates, and get her Colorado cuddle on with Matt. Amanda “Meeps” needs to step it up; she’s fading into the background. Maybe that possum meal she enticed Matt with in the pool is just what she needs to stand out….big money it won’t be served at the Lamas household. That will be a good time.

    So where does that leave Chelsea? She’ll have to arm-wrestle her way back into Matt’s heart with the no-PDA rule, no possum and no renegade father.

    Are we then down to three or two?

  2. theultimatecheese Says:

    I think we go down to three for “fantasy” dates and then two. Then “The Ladies Tell All,” the finale, and “After the Final Rose.” Then…The Bachelorette! Ha.

    I agree about Amanda. She’s cute as ever but she needs to bring her A game next week!

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