The Hills: Lauren Still Annoyed, Deluded

To true friends! (photo by MTV)

You know things have gotten bad when Brody Jenner is the voice of reason! Sheesh. Last night on The Hills, Brody cautioned Lauren about her inexplicable and ill-advised “friendship” with Stephanie Pratt. This was after Lauren boasted of clinking Sugar-Free Red Bulls with the She-Pratt at her birthday party. (An aside: Isn’t it weird that just a year ago, Spencer was giving Lauren’s birthday toast? That birthday party kicked ass compared to this one, which seemed kinda lame. Still, this one was better than LC’s 20th, which she spent being sad in a hotel room with Jason. But I digress.)

Last night was all about (more) shifting alliances, as Audrina semi-made-up with a tearful Heidi, much to Lauren’s annoyance. (But everything annoys her, doesn’t it?) It was comical watching Lauren warn Audrina (who looked pissed!) about Heidi, as Lauren seems blind to the fact that her own decision to befriend the She-Pratt might not be, uh, smart.

Meanwhile, Spencer launched “Operation Win Heidi Back At All Costs,” which apparently involves being unemployed, growing a beard, and laying on the couch watching TV all day. (I think many of my exes are working on similar “operations.” Heh.) Seems that next week, Speidi will (again) deal with the whole are-we-dating-other-people issue, as signified by preview clips that showed much yelling and car door-slamming.

Stay tuned for more Hills coverage. In the meantime, what did you think of last night’s episodes?

Oh and another thing: Heidi’s paint color may be a mystery, but the pottery she was eyeing last night is part of Jonathan Adler’s Utopia collection. It’s available here–lovely, but not cheap!


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