The Hills: Art of Communication


Welcome to a new feature in which I simply reprint conversations from The Hills (I’m a lazy one, aren’t I?). All conversations are real (well, as real as the show itself). This first one comes to us from the Season 2 finale “Goodbye for Now.” Here, Heidi discusses with her coworker Elodie (pictured above during actual conversation) her plans to make dinner for Spencer.

Elodie: Have you ever cooked dinner?!
Heidi: No!
Elodie: Ohmygosh! What are you cooking?!
Heidi: I know! I think pasta or something easy.
Elodie: I mean, do you even have all the equipment to cook? What’s it called??
Heidi: Ohmygod! No, I have to go get it! 
Elodie: What’s it called?
Heidi: Dinner!
Elodie: No!
Heidi: What? Pasta!?
Elodie shakes head.
Heidi: What??
Elodie: Like, the equipment to cook! What’s it called?!
Pause. Heidi smiles brightly.
Elodie: Oh! (snaps fingers) Pots and pans!!
Heidi: Oh yea, yea, yea!! I have to go get all that!


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