The She-Pratt: Who Is She And What Is She After?


Wow. Stephanie Pratt was everywhere last night. (Is she the greatest Underminer of all time or what?) She continued her verbal assault on big bro Spencer, telling him, “You’re so homeless and so lame.” (To which he can now respond, “Oh really? Then why do the readers of Radar magazine seek my wisdom each month?”) It seems like the She-Pratt has the Jen Bunney technique of playing all sides down cold. While brunching with Heidi, Stephanie hints that Spencer might start dating other girls. She also manages to befriend Heidi’s ex BFF Lauren. (To which I say: WTF Lauren? Okay, make peace with the girl for the sake of making it less uncomfortable in class but no need to dine with her! No need to invite her to your birthday party! I think either: 1. MTV is paying Lauren good money for this storyline or 2. This is a subconscious effort by Lauren to resolve things with Speidi.) As for what the She-Pratt gets out of this, I suppose it’s obvious: a bigger part on the show.

So we briefly saw Audrina last night (digging the new darker hair color) and wise old Lo. And Whitney! Whitney is all growns-up! I don’t really understand her new job but she apparently did something smart with shiny pants and her new boss says she has “a voice!” I have to say, I was totally impressed with the way Whitney won over the fearsome Kelly Cutrone—-much better than how Lauren handled Kelly in Season 1!

Stay tuned for serious psychoanalysis of Lauren & Brody, Heidi’s choice of paint color, and more. In the meantime, what did you think of last night’s episode?

Oh and another thing: I totally call bullshit on Stephanie getting a B on that computer quiz! Her mouth said B but her face said C- all the way.


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One Response to “The She-Pratt: Who Is She And What Is She After?”

  1. Max is back Says:

    I’d like to discuss Olivia Newton-John. That’s right, that sassy lass from down under who apparently is making a come-back. Or at least the looks she rocked decades ago were all over The Hills last night.

    Look 1 — Shiny black pants (I say leggings) on a model at the NYC fitting with Whitney. You know, the same ones made famous in the 70s by ONJ or Sandy Dee in Grease when she goes all tough (teased hair and a lit cigarette helped, too) at the school carnival to win back Danny Zucko in Grease.

    Did it work? You bet.
    The next day, new boss Kelly Cutrone not only high-fives, but, gasp, hugs Whitney for being pro-pants (LEGGINGS, I say) with the stylist! Look for Whitney to try the look for herself this season. And don’t worry, Kelly, they’ll be in black!

    Look 2 — Braided (fore) head band.
    Olivia sported a simple white one in her 80s “Physical” video.
    She-Pratt goes bold, er, I mean gold with one last night.

    Did it work? Her girl, LC sure didn’t mind. Well, at least she didn’t say anything when Stephanie wore it out for their first girl date. Perhaps, Lauren will get her own as a birthday gift.

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