Misty Water-colored Muscle Breakfast Memories


On Monday’s episode of The Hills, Heidi, lunching with Stephanie Pratt, dreamily reminisced about a long-ago lunch with Spencer at the very same cafe. As Heidi recalls it, he declared his intention to order the “muscle breakfast” and she cracked, “Why? Because you don’t have any muscles?” Oh hahahahahahaha, Heidi! But bizarrely, what Heidi didn’t seem to recall is the INSANE fight that Spencer picked during that same lunch. The target of his rage? Heidi’s hapless coworker, and wearer-of-orange-framed-sunglasses, Max. (This was back in Season 2. Stay with me, people.) Earlier that day, Max had informed Heidi that maybe wearing a nightgown to work wasn’t such a good idea, a remark that the newly muscle-breakfasted-up Spencer could not abide. Click here to watch the awesome/sad/sooo LA fight. Ponder how the muscle breakfast descended into chaos. Then wonder why/how Heidi remembers it so fondly. [There’s an ad to watch before the clip but totally worth it.]

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