Finally! Tonight at 10 p.m., the 10 “bonus” episodes of The Hills begin with a special one-hour show. I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the damn show to start already. Especially over the last week, the hype machine went into overdrive in a way that made even me feel sick of The Hills. To sum up: Us Weekly’s cover featured Sad Lauren with the headline “Betrayed by Brody & Audrina: How I Was Stabbed in the Back.” But then Lauren posted on her myspace blog that it was all a misunderstanding and that she loves Audrina and Brody and doesn’t feel betrayed by them at all. People gleefully reported on Lauren’s about-face, which made Us Weekly mad, so Lauren amended her original statement, saying she didn’t mean to criticize Us because she has a “great” relationship with the magazine (and Us has turned its supposed feud with Lauren into a story now too!) Argh. Also chiming in: The Wall Street Journal (to which Lauren described Brody as “a cute guy who’s OK with filming”), Newsweek (to which Lauren explained: “There’s a lot of editing. They use our stares for dramatic effect. All of us have more expressions on our face now, out of habit.”) and The New York Times which dubs Heidi a “feminist hero” in its review. Add in the release of Audrina’s “artistic” nude pics and it’s just … wow.

Also tonight at 10 (sigh): The Bachelor.So get your DVRs warmed up and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow to discuss.


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