“This Summer, While You Were in Paris…”

Gawker posted this fantastic clip in light of the Lauren ConradBrody Jenner “You Got a New Girlfriend Two Days After I Went to Paris” Thing. You do recall, of course, how Kelly and Dylan did Brenda wrong while she was in Paris for the summer (in fairness though, Brenda cheated in Paris too…I forget her fling’s name but he was played by former TV Superman Dean Cain! Ha.) Anyway, please enjoy the vintage heartache. My favorite part is: “I hate you both! Never talk to me again!” (Seriously, why is Dylan so mean? He’ll be sorry a few episodes from now when his dad, that no-good Jack McKay, is killed by a car bomb and Kelly proves too vapid to grasp the depths of his grief and Brenda is like the only one who understands him.)


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