Um, Did Whitney Watch Season 1?

So the preview reveals that Whitney finally outgrows Teen Vogue’s suffocating closet of doom and heads to fashion PR firm People’s Revolution, owned by Kelly Cutrone. Astute viewers and others who have no lives whatsoever (ahem) will recall a relevant episode in Season 1 when newbie intern Lauren had to beg Cutrone for two extra tickets to the Jennifer Nicholson fashion show. Remember? Cutrone was all like impatient and annoyed only because Lauren didn’t know the names of the editors she was supposed to be getting tickets for? And Cutrone refused to give her the tickets until Lauren got the names? And Lisa Love wouldn’t answer her cell phone and Lauren like started crying? And then Lauren got the names but still couldn’t remember them and had to check her Blackberry again while Cutrone waited and even when Lauren finally (finally!) found the names she still could not pronounce Hamish Bowles? And Cutrone told her she’d have to move a lot faster if she ever wanted to work in fashion?

Oh, Whitney. You may be wishing for that closet again in no time.



One Response to “Um, Did Whitney Watch Season 1?”

  1. The She-Pratt: Who Is She And What Is She After? « The Ultimate Cheese Says:

    […] So we briefly saw Audrina last night (digging the new darker hair color) and wise old Lo. And Whitney! Whitney is all growns-up! I don’t really understand her new job but she apparently did something smart with shiny pants and her new boss says she has “a voice!” I have to say, I was totally impressed with the way Whitney won over the fearsome Kelly Cutrone—-much better than Lauren handled Kelly in Season 1! […]

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